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Mountainer is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Rockland Culture group.


The cattle ranching people of the "Land of the Shining Mountains" are now mostly scattered tribal territories following the Gaian faith of the east. The uniquely feminist religion spread from Oregon to the tribal lands near the Bitterroot Mountains supplanting the now extinct tribal faiths that had formed in the area.

Mountainer Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Trommel Stanberry of Clearwater, also known as The Ill-Ruler;
  • High Chieftess Gretel Fairweather of Golden Valley, also known as The Cruel;
    • Chief Angus Clayman of Treasure;
    • Chieftess Jesseca Obsidd of Belknap;
  • High Chieftess Hazel Garrard of Beartooth;
  • High Chieftess Juniper Wootten of West Snake;
  • High Chieftess Tamal Glass of Glacier, also known as The Bold;
  • High Chief Lawrence Peter Gilbert of Highland Springs;
    • Chieftess Winonmie Vailas of Teton;
  • High Chief Armstrong Gunnison of Custer;
  • Duke Nathaniel Rick of East Snake;
    • Count Lyle Biggs of Bingham;
  • High Chief Osborne Fontenelle of Deer Lodge;
  • High Chieftess Sylvia Beall of Silver Bow;
  • Captain Trommel of the Roughriders;
  • Chief Hoss Daggett of Black Hills;
  • Chief Malcolm Sheepeater of Freezeout, also known as The Chronicler;
  • Chief Vrain Bent of Weld;
  • Major Doane Gutson of Rushmore;
  • Chief Perce Drips of Minot;

Mountainer Titles[]


  • Mountainer Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Kingdom of Yellowstone
  • Idaho
  • Big Sky
  • Sweetwater
  • Highland Springs
  • Beartooth
  • East Snake
  • West Snake
  • Northern Basin
  • Clearwater
  • Deer Lodge
  • Silver Bow
  • Golden Valley
  • Custer
  • Chouteau
  • Glacier

Culture Sprawl[]


Mountainers who form the empire of the rockies will get a bloodline and have a version the the hall of the mountain king play with ambient music on.