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Motowner is a culture of people in After the End. Motowner is part of the Laurentian culture group.


The Motowner culture was conceived out of the urban sprawl of the great post-American chaos of the former Midwest. While most of the Rust-lands are inhabited by the Rostmenn, the great broken cities of Detroit and Cleveland are home to the Motowners. Gary is the smallest of the Motowner cities. Several Motowner-led realms, notably the High Chief of the Burning River and the Republic of Detroit, are predominantly Rostmann but have, affixed upon them, a ruling, Motowner elite that is greatly outnumbered by the peasantry. Effectively the only territory populated by Motowners are the capital cities themselves.

Most Motowners generally follow the 'Rust Cultist' faith, a religion centered around the ritualization and worship of old world machinery, architecture, and so on.

Motowner Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief George Carter of Burning River
    • Magnate Donovan Carter of Columbus
  • Overseer Coleman Kirkpatrick of Detroit
    • Patrician Lucius Cass

Motowner Titles[]


  • Motowner Empire

Cultural Sprawl[]