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Mormonism is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Mormon is part of the Latter-Day Saints religious group.


"With roots in Ancient America's frontier, Mormonism has a solid hold on many parts of the Old West. Although based on Christian foundations, the Church of Latter-Day Saints has many additional books, customs, and traditions which have caused it to be treated differently from some elements of mainstream Christianity. With the chaos of the apocalypse, these attitudes were exacerbated, and Mormonism is widely treated as a wholly distinct entity from the Christian world of New Rome and the Protestantism of the East." ― In-Game description of Mormon


While Mormonism at it's beginning was spread out across the United States, American laws and the execution of Joseph Smith (the religions founder) caused Mormons to emigrate into new territories, where they would not be persecuted for their faith. Travelling along the Oregon trail from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Mormons soon formed the provisional state of Deseret, though it was never recognized by the US, and the state was destroyed when the Utah Territory was created in 1850.

The Mormons took advantage of the chaos of the Event, and reorganized Utah into the Kingdom of Deseret, where most of them still reside in 2666 (as well as a few neighboring territories).

Mormon Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Sheriff Winchester Penrose of Natrona
  • King Ammaron Anthophile of Deseret
    • Duke Calhoun Timp of Wasatch
      • Count Grahmua Malpais of Grand Staircase
    • President Mordecai Winder of the Quorum of the Twelve
      • Stake President Daniel of Zion
    • Count Verril Donsmond of Bear River
    • Count Rishel Tetslaph of Bonneville
    • Count Sylvester Velez of Provo
    • Countess Uvadalia Vina of Canyonlands
  • Duke Hastiin Dodge of Diné Bikéyah
    • Count Klah Déélgééd of Shiprock
    • Count Lomahongyoma Tuuvi of Tuba
  • Duke Yukiuma Loololma of Hopituskwa
  • Duke Nathaniel Ricks of East Snake
    • Count Lyle Biggs of Bingham
  • High Chief Cleon Smoot of Sweetwater
  • High Chief Isappu Tagötöka of Northern Basin
  • Count Ditatdeus Bullpine of Flagstaff
  • Chief Herard Kunsmiller of Gunnison
  • Chief Mingan Tinde of Haak'oh

Holy Orders[]

  • The Nauvoo Legion, currently led by Grandmaster Chemish

Holy Sites[]


These are the five Mormon holy sites;

  • La Moine
  • Moks
  • Salt Lake
  • Provo
  • Natrona

Expedition Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Deseret - 5000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Arixo - 1000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Socal - 1000 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Death Valley - 750 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Yellowstone - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Idaho - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Colorado - 400 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of the Valley - 300 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Chicagoland - 200 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Missouri - 200 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Sierra Madre - 50 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Vancouver - 20 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Caledonia - 20 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Hudsonia - 5 Crusade Weight

Religious Head[]

  • President of the Quorum of the Twelve Mordecai Winder in Salt Lake City

In-Game Features[]

As the head of the Mormon faith, the President of the Quorum of the Twelve may excommunicate Mormon characters, grant divorces, invasion casus belli, and claims on titles, and call for an Expedition. Bishops may pay tax to the President or to their liege, and are allowed to marry. Whether or not he is landed, there is always a President.

A powerful Mormon lord could proclaim the Empire of Zion if he controls the Greater Deseret Region.

As of 2666, Mormonism has 53.8 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Mormon faith is called a Bishop.


  • Like many other religions in the game, Mormonism is an existing faith.
  • While in it's initial inception Mormonism allowed polygamy, this was removed and given to some of it's heresies in an attempt to better represent the Mormon faith, and add flavor to the otherwise bland heresies.
  • A Mormon expedition for Death Valley is the only legitimate way to obtain the kingdom of Death valley in the current version.