Morgan Fay is the Petty Queen of Avalon in 2666

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Morgan is a scholarly theologian, Born naturally attractive, she is proud of her beauty, envious of anyone who steals attention towards her and is rather flirty in court. She is known to be a mystic that dabbles in the esoteric arts.

she is apart of the Druidic faith and is of Newife culture


Born in 2644 from unknown parents. Morgan ascended to the title of Queen of Avalon in 2659 at the age of 15, in unknown circumstances. She had a son in 2662 and a daughter in 2666 by her husband Accolon de Gaul.


  • Accolon de Gaul, her husband (24)
  • Lancelot Fay, her son (4)
  • Lilian Fay, her daughter (0)


The Sigil of House Fay is a brown leaf on a white field




  • Morgan Fay is a clear reference to Morgan le Fay, an enchantress/witch in the Arthurian legend who is a half-sister of King Arthur.
  • Avalon, the duchy and island she rules, is also a reference to an island of the same name in the Arthurian legend where Morgan le Fay ruled over
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