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Monetarist is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Monetarist is part of the Old World Cultist religious group.


"Monetarist differ from Consumerist in that the believe that overzealous "shopping" actually weakens the Almighty Dollar, and that one should instead seek to "save" its power by collecting holy artfacts such as dollar bills and bonds. This position is condemned by mainstream Consumerists." --in game description



Monetarist Characters in 2666[]

there is no Monetarist Characters in 2666

Holy Sites[]

  • Manhattan
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago

In-Game Features[]

Weaker Monetarist rulers can prepare an invasion. Priests can marry, inherit titles, and women can own temple holdings. The High Chairman can grant divorces, invasions and claims.

Consumerist men can have up to three concubines.

As of 2666, Consumerism has 20.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Consumerist faith is called a Manager.

The Monetarist faith give +2 to Stewardship when following the faith