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Mixtec is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mesoamerican Culture group.


Throughout much of their history, the Mixtecs were a divided people, with polities usually being separated by the Highlands and Lowlands. Like many mesoamerican peoples, they saw a great decline in power and population when the Spanish Conquistadors claimed Mexico as their own. However, for the first time since the legendary rule of Eight Deer Jaguar Claw[1], the Mixtec are united under a single ruler. They have adopted the Mictlantec faith, and are ready to reclaim their past glory.

Mixtec Characters in 2666[]

  • Tlatoani Pinopiaa Omacatl of Mixteca
    • Huecalpixqui Tanok Atzompa of Costa Chica
      • Calpixqui Dagoberto Coqui of Pochutla
    • Calpixqui Leonardo Ostersen of Acatlán
    • Calpixqui Véeni Zne Yel of Huajuapan
    • Calpixqui Na Yel Íñigo of Tlapa
  • Captain Zniá Quiñuu of Dead Sun
  • Captain Comau of Lightbringers
  • Captain Benechaaba Cayo of Prowling Jaguars

Mixtec Titles[]


  • Mixtec Empire

Culture Sprawl[]


  1. Yes, that was the guys actual name.