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Miskito is a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Mesanglo Culture group.


The Moskito people are unique among the other Caribbanglo cultures, in that they are largely of native, rather than African/European, descent. A large amount of time under British rule, however, has lead to the use of the English language and customs, though distorted by the native tongue, and later Spanish colonization. The Moskito also boast the oldest known realm in the Americas, with the Kingdom of Moskitia dating back to at least 1650.

Miskito Characters in 2666[]

  • King Jonathan II Sulley of Moskitia
    • Marquis Silvestre Sulley of Fonseca
      • Earl Hobby Chellsey of El Paraísi
    • Marquis Ian III Winthorpe of Altas Honduras
    • Earl Arturo Norwich of Karatá
    • Earl Edward Tempesto of Coco
  • Grand Master Morgan Ibanez of Order of Brotherhood

Miskito Titles[]


  • Miskito Empire

Culture Sprawl[]