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Maritimer is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the North Atlantic Culture group.


The people of the Maritime Provinces of Ancient Canada. True to the large presence of Celtic settlers in the land's history, they have adopted Scottish Gaelic-inspired customs. Unlike their southern cousins, they are not only Anglican, but also feudal.

Maritimer Characters in 2666[]

  • Queen Caitlin Beaton of the Maritimes;
    • Duke Richard Kilmarnock of Nua-Shéalainn;
      • Lord Caragh Criss of Passamaquoddy;
      • Lady Paige Bunbury of Saint John;
    • Duke Rory Carmody of Alba Nuadh;
      • Lord Nioclas Lynde of Pisiguit;
    • Duchess Sarah Birnberg of Miramichi;
      • Lord Lorcan O'Tuairisc of Mount Carleton;
      • Lord Caden Walsh of Kouchibouguac;
      • Lord David O'Connor of Gloucester;
    • Duchess Anne de Avonlea of Eilean Eòin;
    • Lord Michael Conmora of Cape Jouriman;
    • Lord Eamon Mac Scalaidhe of Chignecto;
    • Lord Ivor Beaton of Unamakika;
    • Lord Labhras Beaton of Antigonish;
  • Captain Neil of San Patricios;

Maritimer Titles[]


  • Maritimer Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • The Maritimes

Culture Sprawl[]