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Marcos Lourenço is the High Chief of Gran Sabana in 2666.


Marcos is a man of coin, with good knowledge of everything related to it. Despite this, he is a charitable man that does not hesitate to share with those in need. He is a proud man, but is very patient with those around him. He does not like sexual intercourse, something that puts him at odds with his lustful neighbor, Luciano Nogueira.


Born in 2627 from parents whose name is unknown, but of Amazonense origin. In 26 Marcos became High Chief of the High Chiefdom of Grand Sabana, ruling over Gran Sabana, Canaima and Raposa Serra do Sol. His capital is located in Canaima. In 2660, three years after ascending to the High Chief status, he married a woman named Maria. The two don't have children, perhaps because of their chaste nature.


  • The reason for Marcos chasteness is that his sister had died at the hands of Brazilian raiders


  • Maria, Marcos' wife.


The Sigil of House Lourenço is a green crocodile on a white background.


  • He is one of the two independent Candomblé rulers, the other being Luciano Nogueira;
  • Marcos controls two Wonders of the Old World: the Tepui/House of the Gods in the province of Gran Sabana and the Salto Angel/Angel Falls in Canaima.