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Manhattan is the location of New York City, the capital of the Republic of New York. Manhattan is considered a holy site by a number of religions in North America. It's one of the pilgrimage destinations for Americanists of all varieties. Manhattan is the center of the Gothamite heartland.



  • Garrison of Harlem


  • New York City (County Capital)
  • Yonkers
  • Mamaroneck


  • Court of the Bronx
  • Court of Sleepy Hollow


  • House Falcone (the most developed of the houses)
  • House Laggard (has produced the most Speakers of New York as of 2666)
  • House Rothschid (has the position of Mayor of Brooklyn currently producing additional revenue compared to the other houses)
  • House Theovelt (currently the largest of the five Patrician Houses in the Republic of New York as it has the most living members)
  • House Wayne (the smallest of the five houses with only three living members it's patriarch Thom Wayne is known for his charity work and a risk taking attitude)


Manhattan is primarily an Americanist county in 2666 however it is the location of holy sites for other religions. Being under the laws of the Republic of New York the people of Manhattan enjoy a higher degree of religious liberty compared to those living in Hudsonia, Connecticut and other neighboring lands.

Holy Sites[]

  • Court of Bronx - Americanist, Hamiltonian, Jeffersonian, Libertarian, Consumerist, Monetarist, Haredi, Meshichist, Thelemic, Reform, Orientalist and Traditionalist
  • Court of Sleepy Hollow - Occultist (Note; a bit like graphical inconsistencies there is a bug where upon the holy site is moved to the Bronx when using Custom Set up)

Unique Features[]

  • Central Park which is a shared space in the center of Manhattan which has some mysterious features such as an obelisk covered in an indecipherable script.
  • The Subway which is a network of flooded underground tunnels said to be inhabited by monsters and filled with treasure of which a few thrill seekers seek out.


The County of Manhattan is currently held by Speaker Florell Laggard of the Republic of New York.


  • The obelisk in Central Park is referred to by New Yorkers as 'Cleopatra's Needle' though it was not commissioned by her. The Obelisk is a genuine Egyptian artifact commissioned by Pharaoh Thutmosis III around 1450 BC for his third jubilee. In the late 19th century it was moved to New York after being gifted by the Khedive of Egypt as a thank you for helping to modernize his nation. This obelisk is, along with New York's revolutionary war history, the reason for Manhattan being one of the areas to hold a Thelemic holy site.