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Luciano Nogueira is the High Chief of Roraima in 2666.


Luciano is a flamboyant man. Kind and Patient, he is however a womanizer, expert in seducing and having his way with all kind of women. A decent diplomat and an expert schemer, he is however not well learned, and only slightly better in war and economy. Despite all this, he is a firm believer of the Candomblé faith, with an hard stance against any other religion.


Born in 2624 from parents whose name is unknown, but of Amazonense origin, in 2655 he married a woman named Sofia. The two don't currently have children. In 2657 Luciano ascended to the High Chiefdom of Roraima. As High Chief, he rules over the regions of Amajari, Bonfim, Takutu and Boa Vista. The latter is also his capital and an holy site of his faith, the Candomblé.


  • Sofia, Luciano's wife.


The Sigil of House Nogueira is a crowned yellow skull on a yellow sun, surronded by white.


The Nogueira Kings[]

Some folk tales narrate of a series of king ruling over the lands of Roraima. Those kings, supposedly ancestors of House Nogueira, ruled from their throne in Boa Vista, protecting and preaching the Candomblé faith to all. After death, their skulls were covered in gold and put to rest in a crypt in Raposa Serra do Sol.

However, the reign of the Nogueira kings ended when their neighbours, the King of Guyana and the High Chief of Gran Sabana, marched together against them. The last king died bravely in battle, and to add insult to injury the High Chief of Gran Sabana took for himself the region of Raposa Serra do Sol, scattering the skulls in the rivers.

Since then, no king has ever sit on the throne of Roraima. But the Noguera still remember their past, and their sigil shows the golden skull their ancestor once made, and the sun that shines bright on the lost province.


The Talking Skulls[]

People say the Skulls of the Roraima Kings are hidden in a small room under the chieftain fortress in Boa Vista. Here, the chieftain contacts his anchestor with a forgotten dance, and receives their wisdom. The Skulls answer, but also demand. What, no one can say. Some simply talk of gold and iron, but more tell of mysterious blood sacrifices. However, the wisdom of the Skulls is not to be ignored.


  • Luciano is the only independent ruler whose provinces all follow the Candomblé religion;
  • He is one of the two independent Candomblé rulers, the other being Marcos Lourenço;