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Llanero is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Orinocoense Culture group.


Crossing the Cordillera Oriental, the Río Orinoco, or leaving the Venezuelan Coast, one might think they have found an empty land, ready to be settled, farmed, and claimed. These are the Llanos, a vast plain stretching between Colombia and Venezuela, with miles and miles of open land with few jungles. Then they hear the sound of thundering hooves. An arrow flies past from a vast distance at an outrageous speed. And then the war cries of the Llanero can be heard. They are a nomadic people, led by a strong Caudillo and with riding traditions dating back to the Latin Wars of Independence. Several Caudillos roam Los Llanos, but if one were to bring the others to heel, the whole of South America would tremble...

Llanero Characters in 2666[]

  • Caudillo Orlondo Gutiérrez of Gran Meta
    • Caudillito Milagro Izask
  • Caudillo Aquila Magaz of Orinoquía
    • Caudillito Niguel Barón
    • Caudillito Ezequiel Cabuto
  • Caudillo Santiago Sayalero of Portuguesa, often called "the Unready"
    • Caudillito Raul Oviedo
    • Caudillito Montes Ureno

Llanero Titles[]


  • Llanero Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Los Llanos

Culture Sprawl[]