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Libertarianism is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Libertarianism is part of the Old World Cultist religious group and considered a heresy of the Americanist faith.


"The devoted of Lady Liberty, the Mother of Old America and the Goddess of Freedom, the Libertarians were once a matriarchal Patriotic order of the Americanists dedicated to the defense and restoration of the Statues of Liberty who broke from Washington in protest against the 'overemphasis' of the Founders over Lady Liberty. In the centuries since the continued revelation and dedicated study of the First Lady and her Justices have lead the libertarians and the Americanists to opposite positions on a vast number of theological points, from the approved methods of establishing proof of presidential deification after death all the way to structure of the old world pantheon." ― In-Game description of Libertarian


Libertarianism is a sparse faith in 2666 that no lord practices officially. The First Lady, Athena, is supposedly in hiding somewhere around Nashville.

Libertarian Characters in 2666[]

There is no notable Libertarian character in 2666 aside from the First Lady.

Holy Sites[]


These are the five Libertarian holy sites;

  • Manhattan
  • Palisades
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Boston

Religious Head[]

  • First Lady Athena

In-Game Features[]

Priests can marry and inherit titles, and women may own temple titles. The First Lady can Excommunicate, grant divorce, grant invasions (that can also be prepared by fairly weak rulers) and claims to titles. There is no opinion penalty against female rulers and heirs. Rulers are allowed to hold larger Demesnes, and there is a lower chance of provincial revolts.

The religion does not allow Holy Wars, and has a strict restriction on Consaguinity. It gives access to the Enatic Succession Law.

As of 2666, Libertarianism has around 20.0 moral authority (the exact number depends on the Diplomacy and Patriotism of First Lady Athena).

A temple holder of the libertarian faith is called a judge.


  • Libertarian is one of the two faiths that gives access to the Enatic Succession Law, the other being Gaian.
  • Although they share the name, the in-game Libertarian faith doesn't have anything to do with the real-life ideology of libertarianism.