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Kirk "Redwood" Gable was a ruler of the northern protectorate in the 2500's. He was famed for his tolerance towards the Gaians despite being at war with them. He was a Cetic follower of the way of the branch, and some more zealous Cetics suspect he was a secret Gaian in disguise as a servant to the celestial emperor. He was a Nevadan Battleborn, Despite ruling over a mixed population of Bayfolk, Siskiyouan, and Valleyean area. Despite ruling during the time of the green sash rebellion as a high ranking bureaucrat, he never declared himself king, though his son would not be so humble, proclaiming the Kingdom of Jefferson. His mixed, enlightened philosophy died with him though.


Kirk Gable is to have slain the General of Gaia with a sword made of the finest Californian steel and a hilt made of a branch of the greatest redwood tree in all California. It is disputed weather the General of Gaia was actually killed by Kirk Gable himself or if by one of Gable's Atomicist bodyguards from Death Valley, but the sword still exists and has been passed down the Gable family.