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The Kingdom of Platte is a Grangelander Catholic independent kingdom in 2666. It is a de jure part of the Empire of the Heartland.


Located to the West of the Kingdom of Iowa, to the North of the Duchy of Verdigris and Chisholm, to the south of the Kingdom of Lakotah and to the east of Trialwalker tribes, most prominently the Trailwalker Kickatus. The Kingdom of Platte begins the game in a precarious position.


The Kingdom of Platte is likely to have its king and his heir die early, destabilizing the realm and making it easy pickings for any neighbor with a religious CB, or for an Iowan ruler who has married their dynasty into a position where the Greysnows will inherit Platte. Alternatively, a strong Kickatus or if Kickatus gets subjugated, will mean a extremely strong pagan kingdom on its border, and Platte holds a Trailwalker holy site.


Platte is mostly covered in plains and farmland. It borders the Missouri river to its east and north.


In 2666, Platte is ruled by King Ned Brasge, who gained control the kingdom 16 years prior and is descended from the king who freed Platte from a union with Iowa and a despotic king of house Rodman.


Platte features prominently in the primer Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Mantain.

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