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Kanéist Átk'aheen is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Kanéist Átk'aheen is part of Amero-Syncretic religious group.


"The religion of the Tlingit is said to have been brought to them long before the Event by bearded strangers from across the sea. Although Kanéist Átk'aheen has Christian origins, it has become heavily distorted due to its isolation from the rest of the Christian world, incorporating native Tlingit practices and idiosyncratic beliefs. Despite all this, however, the "Cross Faith" has managed to survive the rise of the Haida in the Northwest, and has even managed to attract many non-Tlingit followers." ― In-Game description of Kanéist Átk'aheen

Kanéist Átk'aheen Characters in 2666[]

Independent & their Vassals[]

  • Duke Seward Brooks of Juneau
  • High Chief Rich McIntyre of Stikine
    • High Chief Dalton Horwood of Cassiar
    • Chief Jack McIntyre of Stikine
  • High Chief Yeilgooxu Xunaa of Dakká
    • Chief Elias Charlie of Ùxh-Àni
    • Chieftess Aurore Godin of Kwanlin

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Amerikanskaya Kompaniya, currently led by Captain Gasim
  • Canadian Rangers, currently led by Colonel Yeilxáak

Holy Sites[]

  • Ketchikan
  • Prince Rupert
  • Seattle
  • Sitka
  • Whitehorse

In-Game Features[]