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Jarocho is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mexicano Culture group.


The Jarocho are the Mexicanos who live along the Caribbean coastline. Their control over major cities such as Tampico, Xalapa, and Heroica Veracruz, have led to a reputation of a wealthy class of people. The stereotypical Jarocho lives in a beach-side villa, with his own personal carriage to take him to the local iglesia.

Jarocho Characters in 2666[]

  • Duke Adalberto de Zocalo of Huasteca
  • Duke Aureliano Lizardo of Olmeca
    • Count Javier Salmerón of Chimalapas
  • Lord Proprietor Guillermo Portocarrero of Veracruz
    • Patrician Yanga de Cos
    • Patrician José Ignacio de Ulúa
    • Patrician Pedro Pasquel
    • Patrician Venustiano Valenzuela
  • Captain Gokú of Granaderos
  • Countess Lucrecia Lara of Las Montañas

Jarocho Titles[]


  • Jarocho Empire

Culture Sprawl[]