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Jacobite is a religion in the Evangelical group that was introduced recently to After the End. It replaced Antinomian as a heresy in the Evangelical group. Jacobites believe the KJV Bible is the bible everyone should be using and is put in opposition to the Evangelical mainstream which has it's own translation.

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  • The inclusion of Jacobites who are described as thumbing through the pages of their revered book retconned a previously established aspect of their only being four known copies of the KJV bible in the world. This concept had already been brought up as conflicting with the Mormons whose scriptures consist of the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, the KJV, and The Doctrines and Covenant. An early solution was to have the Mormons possess one of the four remaining copies of the KJV.
  • The 'Only Four Copies' aspect regarding the KJV was also already put into opposition as the Mormons would have been making more copies as they already do. Though by hand rather than a printing press much as the Catholic church does in it's monasteries in AtE. A fix following the introduction of the Jacobite faith has been to alter the KJV artifact text in game to express that there are only four 'Pre-Event' copies in known existence. Thus resolving the issue.
  • The Jacobites are by some considered a bit redundant as the Mormons already use the KJV and a lot of Charismatic Churches do as well. The concept the dev team had in mind was to create a conflict between the Evangelical's Translation and older pre-convention translations though choosing the KJV seems to have been a misstep.