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The eldest son of the infamous Tavibo the Mad, and the only one to wed and father children. A convert to Mormonism. He is a patient and diligent ruler of the Northern Basin. But what many consider his most unique quality is his honesty in regards to his blatant cynicism. As both his brother and sister are unmarried, Isappu stands a mere two heartbeats away from reuniting his father's empire. But surely even he wouldn't be cynical enough to murder his siblings. Despite being the High Chief or the Northern Basin, he holds very little of it himself, his brother holding most of it, and his sister does not hold any land in the Northern Basin.


-The Chieftain is alleged to have once told his wife that yes, he is utterly cynical enough to kill his siblings. The trick will be to get away with it, which he is not certain he can do.

-The Chieftain converted some of the followers of his father by showing the similarities he has with Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter-Day Saints.