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This page is similar to the 'Interesting Character finder' on the base CK2 wiki;

Event's Unfolding[]

  • Imam Zakariyya II - A Sayyid and the head of the Abbas dynasty which ruled Social for centuries before a series of suspicious deaths ended their governance. Circumstances of which may pull Zakariyya II into a civil war should they be revealed to him by the Celestrial Emperor of California...
  • Patrician Thom of Wayne - An event causing this character's death will fire a few months into the game. The after effect is an event giving his successor, Bruce of Wayne- various traits and the nickname 'the Bat' making him a very capable character in the Republic of New York.
  • Paul Mahonic - A feudal count subjugated by the Tribe of Nogad, Paul is the last decendent of the once mighty rulers of New England. Paul may attempt to restore his family's lands, but will he be able to gain independence, or be crushed and the land gotten by his grandfather been in vain.

Last of the Bloodline[]

  • Earl Henry of Benning - The only living bearer of the Yelverton bloodline.
  • Duke Calvin of The Quad Cities - One of the last of the greatest house in the Midwest, some even say greatest in the world, surpassing even that of Brazil, the dynasty of Rodman.
  • Earl Orpheus of Grand Strand - The only man with the blood of Leonidas the Great.

The Strange[]

  • High Chief Nagamo the Windigo - An Inuit Cannibal governing a bit of the frigid North whose heraldry is a hand, fork, and knife. A good start for anyone wanting to play as a dynasty of Cannibals.

Interesting Character Achievements.[]

There are no custom achievements for After the End, so here are some goals to strive for using the interesting characters.

  • Imam Zakariyya II: Blood of Conquerors/ The Bowed, either control the Empire of New California or restore imperial authority to strong emperor.
  • Patrictian Thom Wayne: Bruce "The Bat" Wayne, Control the Kingdom of Gotham, slay 10 "evil" characters in battlefield combat.
  • Paul Mahonic: The Restorer, The Great Mahonic empire was the greatest in the northeast, retake Hudsonia, New England, and the Maritimes.
  • Earl Henry of Benning: Yelverton Wars, use a factional civil war to make yourself Holy Columbian Emperor.
  • Duke Calvin of The Quad Cities: The Greatest in the West, Have Rodmans on the throne of Iowa, Platte, and The Papacy.
  • Earl Orpheus of Grand Strand: The Wisest Men, Never let Evangelical Moral Authority go below 50, and continue the era of prosperity from your great ancestors.
  • Celestrial Emperor Elton II: Close Enough - Survive a usurping of the throne of California and see a Yudcow become Pope.