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This is an article regarding material that inspired the mod and influenced it's development.


  • DC's Batman - The scripted events around House Wayne and events that see the emergence of the Copplepot and Enigma dynasties are derived form DC's Batman and Gotham City. Gothamite culture it's self derives from Gotham City.


  • Legion (2010 film) - The mod team's inclusion of the Falling Star religion seems to have been inspired by this film.


  • A Canticle for Leibowitz - A 1959 novel from which The Order of St. Leibowitz derives from in the mod. Following a nuclear war, and the rise of a group called the Simpletons who seek to bring about an era of renewed primitivism to start again a Jewish electrician named Leibowitz converts to Catholicism and works to preserve knowledge the Simpletons seek to destroy. He's latter canonized by the Church. The courter tier characters of Gerald and Georgia are both references to the novel.

Video Games[]

  • Far Cry 5 + Far Cry New Dawn - The Edenites of AtE draw loosely from the Montana based cult, Eden's Gate, featured in both of these games. Joseph Seed, in Far Cry 5 has foretold a coming catastrophe that will see the collapse of society and the arrival of a New Eden. Far Cry 5's canon ending is the eruption of a nuclear war with Far Cry New Dawn seeing the cultist begin to establish a new society after the war as plant life flourishes.