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Hudsonian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the North Atlantic Culture group.


Descendants of the people of Upstate New York. More influenced by Dutch culture than their southern brethren, they used to be Catholic and are now predominantly Anabaptist. The Hudsonians are currently unified under the rule of the Kingdom of Hudsonia, ruled by Baltus III Groot.

Hudsonian Characters in 2666[]

  • King Baltus Groot of Hudsonia;
    • Duke Cashunyon Herkimer of Adirondack;
    • Duke Geoffrey Allen of Hudson Valley;
    • Duke Rip Ranvincle of Catskill;
    • Duke Nicholas Elran of Finger Lakes;
    • Duke Abraham Glanner of Champlain;
  • Duke Charles Adder of Tioga;
  • Count Raymond Bedhamton of The Triple Cities;

Hudsonian Titles[]


  • Hudsonian Empire
  • The Empire State

Culture Sprawl[]