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Several holy orders exist in After the End Fan Fork, similar to the base game. Rulers can send unlanded courtiers to a holy order, and unlanded sons may request to join a holy order. Each holy order has a traditional culture that each new ruler will convert to. Some exist at the start of the game, some will be created when certain conditions are met, and some can be created by decision. Like in a base game, if a heresy becomes the new orthodoxy, all holy orders of the parent religion will switch to the new orthodoxy.

List of Holy Orders[]

Linked are the real-life organizations that inspired the holy orders.

Name Religion Culture Creation Conditions Notes
Knights of Columbus Catholic Gothamite Catholic crusades unlocked and year is at least 2700, or St. Louis is not controlled by a Christian Can be vassalized by a Catholic King of Columbia by decision
Knights of Peter Claver Catholic Creole Count of New Orleans is Catholic Can be vassalized by a Catholic King of Columbia by decision
St. Ursula's Chosen Ursuline Quebecois Ursuline crusades unlocked and year is at least 2792, or Quebec City or Montreal not controlled by an Ursuline Always female. Can become the Ursuline State and partake in Northern Crusades in the Great Lakes region
Army of Salvation Evangelical Southron Created by bad outcome of the HCC Westphalia event chain
National Cathedral Association Evangelical Beltway Can be formed by decision by an independent Evangelical who controls the county of Washington, if crusades unlocked Can be vassalized by an Evangelical king-tier or higher character who controls Washington
Knights of Saint Patrick Anglican Ontarian Can be formed by decision by an Anglican ruler who controls at least one Anglican holy site, with 50% moral authority and crusades unlocked
Lebanon Brethren Anabaptist Deitsch Exists at start
Order of Brotherhood Falling Star Miskito Exists at start
United Empire Loyalists Confederated Ontarian Owner of Toronto follows the Confederated Church This can only happen an Emperor of Canada merges the Ursuline and Anglican churches
Men in Black Americanist Beltway Will be founded by event in 2689 Equivalent to the Assassins
Golden Archers Consumerist Chicagoan Will be created after a successful Consumerist uprising
Midwestern Brotherhood Rust Cultist Chicagoan The High Fabricator exists and Chicago is owned by a Rust Cultist A Rust Cultist King or Emperor who controls 3 holy sites can become High Fabricator by decision
Sons of Oppenheimer Atomicist Arixan Will be created on the formation of the Atomic Energy Council An Atomicist King or Emperor who controls an Atomicist holy site can form the AEC by decision
Nauvoo Legion Mormon Utahn Mormon expeditions unlocked and the county of Salt Lake is Mormon
Orden de la Máscara Sagrado Corazón Norteño Reconquistas unlocked, and year is at least 2792 or Mexico or Veracruz counties not controlled by Sagrado Corazón
Legión de Albión Gracia Divina Cartagenero Exists at start
Shomrim Orthodox Yiddish The Grand Rabbinate has been created and the owner of Brooklyn is Jewish Grand Rabbinate can be created by a Jewish King or Emperor who controls Brooklyn
Followers of Arjuna Hindu Guyanese Can be created on decision by a Hindu king or emperor who controls Georgetown and Paramaibo
Golden Bears Cetic Bayfolk Sacramento is not held by Cetics or the Celestial Empire of California does not exist
Keepers of the Green Peace Gaian Cascadian Exists at start
Keepers of the Code Brethren West Indian Exists at start
All Tribes Peyotist Sioux Exists at start
Three Fires Midewiwin (reformed) Ojibwe The Midewiwin religion has been reformed and the county of Manitoulin is controlled by them
Taxet Warriors Xhúuyee K'iigaang (reformed) Haida The Xhúuyee K'iigaang religion has been reformed and the county of Vancouver is cotnrolled by them
Lions of Judah Rastafarian West Indian The counties of Surrey, New Providence, Barbados, or Trinidad are not controlled by an Afro-syncretic realm
Followers of Ogun Santeria Lucumí Miami is not controlled by Afro-Syncretics
Order of Saint Expedit Voodoo Creole New Orleans is not controlled by Afro-Syncretics
Warriors of Guaicaipuro Tres Potencias (reformed) Wayuu The Tres Potencias religion is reformed and the county of Miranda is controlled by them
Capoeiristas Candomblé Baiano Exists at start
Dead Sun Mictlantec Mixtec Exists at start
Lightbringers Sol Invicta Mixtec Exists at start
Fianna Druidic Newfie Can be created by decision by any Druidic (pre- or post-reformation) ruler who either holds, has vassalized, or completely controls either the Kingdom of Newfoundland or the Kingdom of New England
They Fylkir's Hundreds Norse (reformed) Northlander The Norse religion has been reformed and they control Green Bay
Freemasons Occultist (reformed) Yankee The Occultist religion has been reformed and they control Boston
Order of the Flaming Sword Revelationist (reformed) Riverlander The Revelationist religion has been reformed and they control Nashville
O.T.O. Thelemic (reformed) British The Thelemic religion has been reformed and they control Plymouth