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Hinduism is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Hindu is the only religion within the Dharmic religious group.


"Hinduism is not a single religion so much as a blanket term for the successor faiths of ancient Indian polytheism as recorded in the Vedas. Post-Event Hinduism differs radically from pre-Event Hinduism in several key ways. For example, the vast majority of Hindus now reject the caste system, believing instead that all humans are spiritually equal. Proselytization towards non-Hindus has also become more common. Although Hindu minorities exist throughout the Caribbean, the only realm in the Americas that has Hinduism as a state religion in 2666 is the Kingdom of Guyana." ― In-Game description of Hindu


Hinduism was brought to the Americas by English colonists, who imported the natives of India as slave labor in the Guyana colony. Ever since, Guyana and Suriname have had a sizable Hindu minority (until, that is, it became the majority after the Event).

Hindu Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • King Geert-Jan Zonnebeld of Guyana
    • Countess Bonita Consalvi of Essequibo
    • Count Lucien Smits of Sipaliwini
    • Count Jules Honenkamp of Marowijne

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Golden Jaguars, currently led by Captain Ian

Holy Sites[]

  • Trinidad
  • Georgetown
  • Paramaribo
  • Canaima
  • Travis

In-Game Features[]

Hindu rulers may raid infidels for loot, and men may take up to 3 concubines. Priests can marry, and there is (and can exist) no religious head.

Rulers may pick one of six patron deities;

  • Shiva
  • Vishnu
  • Brahma
  • Kali
  • Ganesha
  • Ganga

As of 2666, Hinduism has 30.0 moral authority.

A temple Holder of the Hindu faith is called a Pujari.


  • There are a few sizable Hindu minorities throughout the Caribbean, the largest present in Guyana.
  • The Holy Site in Travis is a reference to the Radha Madhav Dham, one of the largest Hindu complexes in North America.