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The High Chiefdom of Nunatsiavut (also known as High Chiefdom of Labrador) is an independent country. It's considered a de jure part of the Kingdom of Côte-Nord and the Empire of Arctica.


Located in the northernmost part of North America, Nunatsiavut borders the Arctic Territories to the north and west, from which it's separated by the Michikamau Lake and the Melville Lake, the Chiefdom of KakKasuak to the east, the Chiefdom of Manicougan, from which it's divided by the Labrador Lakes, to the southwest, and the wastelands of inner Labrador to the south.


Nunatsiavut is an harsh, cold land rich of waterways, be it rivers or lakes like the Melville, Michikamau or Ossokmanuan Lake. The climate of the region is Arctic. There are no locations of interest in any of the counties that form the High Chiefdom.

De jure provinces (common name in italics)[]

  • Kamistiatusset (Labrador);
  • Sheshatshiu (Goose Bay);
  • Chisedec (Thule, part of the Chiefdom of KakKasuak in 2666);


In some unknown moment before 2642, the Druidic population of Kimistiatusset and Sheshatshiu united under a single ruler.

Since 2642, the High Chiefdom is ruled by High Chief Qimmiq Puvirnituq. It is unknown when it first formed and who ruled it before him.



  • The High Chiefdom of Nunatsiavut is the northernmost Druidic country in the game;