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The High Chiefdom of Gran Saban is an independent country in 2666. It's considered a de jure part of the Kingdom of Bolivar and the Empire of The Guyanas.


Located in the continent of South America, the Chiefdom borders the Amazon Rainforest to the west, the Guyana Highlands to the east, the High Chiefdom of Roraima to the south and .


The region is mostly covered by the dense Amazon Rainforest. The Tepui and the Angel Falls, two natural Wonders of the Old World, are located in the High Chiefdom.

De jure provinces[]

  • Gran Sabana;
  • Canaima;

Not de jure provinces part of the High Chiefdom in 2666 =[]


Since 2657, the High Chiefdom is ruled by High Chief Marcos Lourenço. It is unknown when it first formed and who ruled it prior to this day.