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Eeyou Istchee Coat of arms

The High Chiefdom of Eeyou Istchee is an independent country. It's considered a de jure part of the Kingdom of Jamésie and the Empire of Arctica.


Located on the border of the Arctic territory in the north, Eeyou Istchee borders the Duchy of Sept-Rivières and the Duchy of Saguenay to the east, the Arctic Territory and James Bay to the north, the High Chiefdom of Mushkegowuk and the wastelands of Cochrane to the west, and the Chiefdom of Abitibi and the wastelands of Coucoucache to the south.


The lands of Eeyou Istchee are cold even during summer, with a general arctic climate. Due to it's closeness to the arctic territory, as well as to other wastelands, Eeyou Istchee is mostly isolated, although still connected to the lands of Quebec and the other Jamésie rulers.

De jure provinces[]

  • Nemaska;
  • Chibougamau;
  • Matagami;
  • Waskaganish;


The Algonquin people of Eeyou Istchee follow Midewiwin, the faith of many of the Arctica natives. This has of course brought conflict between the natives and the christians of Quebec, but so far it has never come to a full war.

Since 2640, the High Chiefdom is ruled by High Chief Mahvipah Amikons. It is unknown when it first formed and who ruled it before him.