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Haitian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Antillais Culture group.


Haitian is the culture of the people that live on the western side of the Island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbeans, where before the Event the country of Haiti was located. After the event the Haitian remained mostly isolationist, not expanding outside of the border of their ancient country. Some Haitians took the sea as pirates, joining the Brethren, and one of them was a brave adventurer that traveled to South America, leading to his sons forming colonies in the Andes, but a vast majority remain in Haiti, were they practice the Voodoo faith. After the formation of the Caribbean Empire, the rulers of the region became vassals of the Empress, albeit begrudgingly.

Haitian Characters in 2666[]

  • Marquis Touissant Duvalier of Haiti;
    • Earl Francois Loverture of Le Cap;
    • Earl Fabien Loverture of Artibonite;
    • Earl Faustin Rivière of La Gonâve;
  • Captain Blackbeard of The Boucaniers;
  • Captain Frantz of Tonton Macountes;
  • Konte Jean-Claude Sylvain of Aburrá;
  • Konte Jean-René Sylvain of Bogotá;
  • Konte Jean-Louis Sylvain of Vélez;

Haitian Titles[]


  • Haitian Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Haiti

Culture Sprawl[]