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Haida is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Northwest Coast Culture group.


The Haida are one of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike many of the other peoples of the Americas, The Event has been very good for them, allowing them not only to take back their old ancestral lands but also expand their dominion over the lands of what was known as British Columbia and the State of Washington, subjugating the Canucks, Portlanders and Salishans who lived there. Considered by many as both lucky ship builders and aggressive conquerors, they are as feared by the people of the Pacific like the Vikings of the Midwest and East. Their faith is their ancestral Raven Tales (Xhuyée Kh'igaang).

Haida Characters in 2666[]

  • King Tsahtsaa Chaahl of Ts'aagws Xaat'aay;
  • King Tsaa Hamjuuwee Tlgunghung of Haida Tlagaang;
    • Duchess Kagan Yaogus of Gujuugalaay;
    • Duke Gidansda Tlgunghung of Jaaguusd;
      • Count Kithlaigaa Yagun of Tl'aaj;
      • Count Hluuwee Tlgunghung of 'Laanaa;
    • Countess Sgaana Dadens of Tlat'uu;
  • Duke Giteewans Dadjingits of Tajáaw;
  • Duke Hiellan Atana of Gyuu;
  • Duke Hluuwee Chuga of Uunaay;
    • Count Tahaygen Chukeu of Kiid Hlgwaay;
  • Duke Sgaana Kadadjans of Kuunjaaw;
  • Duke Skidegate Hlagi of Gii Tl'agang;
    • Count Ghaltsaakw Hlagi of Xanj'Laas;
  • Chief Hiitl'daa of Lekwiltok Kiidaaw;
  • Shaman-Chief T'lajung Nung Kingaas of K'aad aw;

Haida Titles[]


  • Haida Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Georgia Strait
  • North End
  • Monashee

Culture Sprawl[]