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Guyanese is a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Caribbanglo Culture group.


While almost certainly the most prevalent culture within the Guyanas, the Guyanese are prevented from regional dominance by the power struggle between the Kingdoms of Grand Trinidad and Guyana, with Guyana proper split between the two. While traditionally Hindu, those conquered by the Calypsonian warlord have adopted his Rastafarian faith, as to prevent him from stripping them of their land- meanwhile, one ambitious man plots to lead the Kingdom under a Jewish banner.

Guyanese Characters in 2666[]

  • Captain Ian of Golden Jaguars
  • Countess Bonita Consalvi of Essequibo
  • Countess Mariam Consalvi of Barima
  • Earl Cheddi Jagan-Rosenberg of New Amsterdam

Guyanese Titles[]


  • Guyanese Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Guyana

Culture Sprawl[]