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Gullah is a culture of people in After the End. Gullah is part of the South Anglo culture group.


The Gullah people are largely overlooked by the majority of the realm they inhabit, being far outnumbered by the Southrons, Dixies, and even the Tuskegeans. While they have a similar background to their neighbors, their insular traditions and unique creole language mark them as a people apart.

Gullah Characters in 2666[]

  • Count Osman Bohicket of Beaufort

Gullah Titles[]


  • Gullah Empire


The Geechee Tongue[]

The Gullah language is often referred as Geechee, some people speculating the name comes from the Ogeechee river. This also suggests to historians that their culture could have originated there. However since their language is in the same group as the Creole of the Caribbean there's also speculation that they might be the descendants of foreign settlers.

On the relation of the Afro-Anglo and the Holy Columbian Confederacy [1][]

While the exact nature of the relation between the ancient Southanglo and the Afro-Anglo population is lost to history, most erudite believe there was once great strain between the two cultures. It is believed that once the Afro-Anglo population was enslaved (a form of servitude today not considered legal in the HCC) and divided, something that the Holy Columbian Confederacy would only suffer from. Still, it appears that some of this old strain of relation exists in the form of a lack of intermarriage between the Gullah and other cultures.

Cultural Sprawl[]