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Grangelander is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the West Anglo Culture group.


The flat farmland of the American Midwest is home to a flourishing culture of new nations. Centered around the Kingdom of Iowa and the Kingdom of Platte, the Grangelander ethic remains similar to the salt-of-the-earth attitude carried by the inhabitants since the colonization by white settlers. The better settled areas in the east are completely Catholic, while the wilder, tribal areas in the west have a strong Trailwalker streak.

Grangelander Characters in 2666[]

  • King Franklin Greysnow of Iowa;
    • Duke Truman Still of Chariton;
    • Duke Poynter Adams-Farwell of Driftless;
    • Chief Lyman Wapello of Ottumwa;
    • Count Zerubbabel Oto of Kanesville;
    • Prince-Bishop Flint Beese of Shoquoquon;
    • Count Dale Dedale of Icaria;
    • Count Zedkiah Crossing of Prairie Rapids;
  • King Ned Brasge of Platte;
    • Chief Zechariah Strongroot of Niobrara;
    • Prince-Bishop Blaine of Grand Island;
    • Chief Absalom Dobytown of Kearny;
    • Chief Hezekiah Arpee of Republic;
  • High Chief Galen Hiramson of Kickatus;
  • Duke Jeroboam Gammton of Forgottonia;
  • Duke Calvin Rodman of The Quad Cities;
    • Count Amos Rodman of Galena;
  • Duke Cyrus Heliantus of Kansas;
  • Chief Jeroboam Aestivum of Arp;
  • Count Zebediah Barley of Freeborn;
  • Count Clifton Cambariday of Bluffwoods;
  • Count Peter Antilocapra of Khangi Wakpa;
  • Count Hannibal Barnes of Osage;
  • Count Morrell Okableck of Minnehaha;
  • Lord Mayor Orlyn Maizeflower of Floyd;
  • Countess Ana Sedgwick of Wichita;
  • Chieftess Henrietta Amberfield of Independence;
  • Count Wyatt Masterson of Dodge, also known as The Peacemaker;
  • Count Timothy Granlo of Coteau;

Grangelander Titles[]


  • Grangelander Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Iowa
  • Platte

Culture Sprawl[]