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Gothamite is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the North Atlantic Culture group.

Historical Summary[]

The people of ancient New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The once great population of Ancient New York and its former cosmopolitan cultural life has led to these people adopting an Anglo-Italian-Dutch syncretic culture. Religiously, the Gothamites are divided. While the majority of the population are Americanists (including Jeffersonian and Hamiltanian) Traditionalists, and Occultists are also found among them. The largest mingling of these religious groups can be found in the Republic of New York which like all Merchant Republics has a high degree of religious liberty though Americanist comprise the bulk of the population. Land considered to traditionally belong to the Gothamites stretches from old Delaware along the coast including all of old Connecticut. However with the expansion of Americanists into the region the influence of Delawareans has seeped into this traditional land which has never been united under Gothamite rule. The Presidency, based out of Columbia, has played a part in establishing Connecticut and Delaware as part of the Americanist ambition of restoring the Empire of America. This incoming influence from the South has hindered previous Gothamite efforts at consolidating power into a single united realm centered around New York which continues to serve as the commercial and cultural hub of Gothamites. A further hinderance has come from the Yiddish Revolt in Lakewood which has established a free Yiddish county out of territory once held by the Republic of New York. Rumors in the streets of the city suggest that the Rothschild family, which has ascended to the status of Patricians in New York, played some role though such rumors have no evidence- merely association and thus theories of conspiracy.

Religious History[]

Before the 24th Century[]

Gothamites in their early history consisted of Orientalist and Traditionalist predominantly with a long enduring Yiddish population living among them consisting of Haredi, Meshichist, and Reform practitioners. Naturally this created conflict with over time the Western Gothamites adopting more Traditionalist views, Manhattan becoming more Orientalist, and the Yiddish population being moved Eastward and eventually conquered. Overtime the Yiddish culture would diminish under Gothamite rule.

24th Century[]

During Mahonic rule of New England campaigns where made into Gothamite lands bringing with the conquerors the Occultist religion which spread among Northern Gothamites.

25th and 26th Centuries[]

As the Americanist warred with the Anabaptists and the Mahonic Empire collapsed the Americanists of Piedmont moved into Gothamite lands bringing with them the Americanist religion and establishing the Republic of New York. These new territories saw the rise of two new branches of the religion branded Heresy but of Gothamite origin. Hamiltonian in Manhattan and Libertarian in Pallisade where under aspects of Ghazi law woman have few liberties. Gothamites have thus contributed to the evolution of the Americanist religion through adaptations adjusted for their local history as they where encouraged to look upon the monuments built by the ancients to see who they 'truely worshiped'. This encouragement gave rise to Libertarianism while the search for Gothamite examples from the past lead them to Hamilton of New York. The Yiddish who lived among them revolted in Lakewood and established a free county in this era of history.

Gothamite Characters in 2666[]

  • Colonel Adriaen Huishoop of Connecticut;
  • Speaker Florell Laggard of New York;
    • Count Patricis Daverrazant of Palisades
    • Patrician Octavis Falcone of House Falcone
    • Patrician Francelin Theovelt of House Theovelt
      • Kermit Theovelt, Heir to House Theovelt
    • Patrician Thom Wayne of House Wayne
      • Martha Wayne, the wife of Thom Wayne and mother of Bruce Wayne
      • Bruce Wayne, the only son of Thom and Martha Wayne
  • Captain Flavis of Staten Island Ferriers;
  • Count Willem Stedvor of Long Island;
  • Canon Roger of Genesee;

Historical Gothamites[]

Gothamite Titles[]

Traditional Titles[]


  • Gothamite Empire
  • The Empire State

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