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Gaian is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Gaian is part of the Pacific religious group.


"Gaians believe in a number of spirits of nature with the most important being Gaia, the earth mother, a divine spirit interconnected with all living things. Gaian belief teaches that before the event men disregarded natural balance by neglecting the earth and as a result it advocates for female-oriented leadership." ― In-game description of Gaian


While it is not known exactly how the Gaian faith came into being, it has certainly become one of the most popular religions in the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies. While many of the rulers are still fairly tribal in nature (not unexpectedly, given their beliefs), those who have modernized have expanded their keeps into something unique in the Americas. Gaian rulers hold as much theological power as they do secular, and many hold their own groves, rather than letting them be overseen by a Druid. They have the option to build a specialized "Gompa" monastery, which deals in matters of faith, education, and war, should the need arise.

Gaian characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • High Chieftess Sylvia Beall of Silver Bow
  • High Chieftess Gretel Fairweather of Golden Valley, often called "the Cruel"
    • Chieftess Jesseca Obsidd of Belknap
  • High Chief Osborne Fontenelle of Deer Lodge
  • Duchess Kaitlin Freeland of Portlandia
  • High Chieftess Hazel Garrard of Beartooth
  • High Chief Lawrence Peter Gilbert of Highland Springs
    • Chief Jim Bridger of Bridger
    • Chieftess Winonmie Vailas of Teton
  • High Chieftess Tamal Glass of Glacier, often called "the Bold"
  • High Chieftess Veronica Lovejoy of the Trailblazers
    • Chieftess Melissa Helmick of Klamath Falls
    • Chieftess Haiwee Pentlatc of Whitman
    • Chieftess Alexandra Washburne of Deschutes
    • Count Jello Yeon of Crater
  • King Drake Messier of Great Valleys
    • Countess Claire Fraser of Beyond Hope
    • Count Picard John-Luke of Harrison
  • King Sukhman Neilson of Cariboo
  • High Chief Trommel Stanberry of Clearwater, often called "the Ill-Ruler"
  • Duke Joaquin II Thielsen of Willamette
  • High Chieftess Juniper Wootten of West Snake
  • Countess Anna Freeland of Lane
  • Count Emerson Freeland of Caltsop
  • Chief Malcolm Sheepeater of Freezeout, often called "the Chronicler"
  • Countess Clowwewalla Spukpukolemk of Nuxalk
  • Chieftess Lulu Tagötöka of Hart Mountain
  • Count Anta Tokoaïs of Heiltsuk
  • Count Irrigon Tolovana of Josephine

Mercenary Bands[]

  • Burning Men, currently led by Captain Barney
  • Roughriders, currently led by Captain Trommel
  • Walla Walla Warriors, currently led by Chief Chelamela

Holy Orders[]

  • Keepers of the Green Peace, currently led by Captain Ladd

Holy Sites[]

Gaians have a wide area of worship, with places of great natural beauty being the holiest of places.

  • Alameda: Holds the City of Berkeley, once known for being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in America.
  • Grand Canyon: Home to the largest canyon system on the continent, particularly well known for its beautiful landscape.
  • Crater: Home of the pristine Crater Lake.
  • Rainier: Named after the majestic Mount Rainier, also home to the aptly named Temple of Paradise.
  • Yellowstone: Once the heart of one of America's great National Parks, the Temple of Geyser is one of their most sacred landmarks.

In-game features[]

Gaian rulers have access to the Enatic and Enatic-Cognatic succession types, meaning they can prefer female heirs over male. They also gain 2 purity for every month they are at peace. Women may own temple holdings, and priests may marry and inherit titles. Vassals do not care if their liege has raised their levies. There is (and can exist) no religious head.

A normal realm led by a Gaian ruler will gain the "Monastic-Feudal" government type, instead of Feudal.

As of 2666, Gaian has 40.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Gaian faith is called a druid.


  • Is one of the two religions with access to Enatic and Enatic-Cognatic succession laws, the other being Libertarian.