Filastino is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Centrolatino Culture group.


The Filastino culture is a minority originating from the palestinians refugees arriving before the event in Central America, with time and mixing the arabians formed a new culture named Filastino. the result of mixing made a branch of Filastino people embrace the local Falling Star religion, nonetheless many still follow their original Traditionalist faith.


The Filastino people remained in the unnoticed areas of the hills and mountains of the Honduras for many centuries until, one day, Bashar Balshe (a famous diplomat) worked his way through the high courts of Central America and in this way establishing the Balshe dynasty.

The Balshe then split up into the Battal, who crowned themselfs as independent counts of the High Honduras mountains thanks to the expeditions of Hussain ibn Bashar. One the other side the Balshe dynasty accepted the Falling Star faith and subdued (as counts) to the kings where the original head of the family succeeded.

Filastino characters in 2666

  • Hakim Osman of Comayagua
  • Count Isma'il of Jinotega
  • Countess Fatima of El Paraìso

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