After the End Fanfork Wiki

Fanon are fan made additions to the canon that expand upon official material.

Fanon guidelines for the wiki[]

Due to the nature of the mod, the wiki welcomes fanon. However, fanon has to respect some rules:

1. The content of Fanon has to be pointed out as such in the page. As a rule of thumb, canon events and descriptions are located under the == History == section, while fanon is to be located under the == Rumors == and == Legends == section.

2. The content of Rumors is supposed to be realistic, while the content of Legends can be more varied. A rumor is for example that the current emperor of the Brazilian Empire is a bastard an not the legitimate heir, while a legend is that the last king of New England rode a Jersey Devil in battle.

3. Remember to give a title to your fanon post. Use === Title === in the source edit mode, or the Subheading 1 in the normal edit mode.

Editing and Removing Fanon[]

Everyone who contributes to the site wants an impact, especially a lasting one. With fanon being a lot more personal in nature than simply copying established material (as fanon requires some creativity) there are rules here place to make the removing of fanon something that isn't reduced to 'I don't like it.'

Spelling and grammatical errors may be edited to correct them.

Material that contradicts official sources is not canon and may be removed without issue. Fanon expands upon canon, it does not override canon.