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Great Lakes area in 2666

Great Lakes 2666.PNG

his Rust Cultist merchant republic starts off in a good position at the start of the game. Starting the game with your capital atop a interstate, with another one nearby it. This allows for a good reliable source of Income at the start of the game. You also start with the Center of Islam, a level three great work based on your capital and a holy site for the Islamic faiths, and the Rust Cultist faith. Since you start off as a Rust Cultist, you are able to loot the structure for a boost to your treasury at the start of the game. As for your Dutchy level title, you are missing two of it's De Jure claims, owned by the Tribe of Geeyem. While they do have slightly more men then you at the start, 1.88K compared to your 1.69K, the fact that you can just hire mercenaries due to your sizable income as well as the fact that they are still tribal, it allows you to get two extra counties with good economy.

Recommended opening plays: Before unpausing the game, use the character finder to get better Commanders or Positions just in case you did get ones with very bad stats. Demolish the Center of Islam for a Sizable cash boost at the start and pick the amass wealth ambition for an extra stewardship on your character. Build a trade post on Motown and the tip of Michigan if you can get the wealth quicker then the Norse who own the county. Hire a small Mercenary group and declare war on Geeyem for your De Jure claims. Once you unpause, proceed to stackwipe Geeyem's troops and besiege the land you're not fighting for, as to keep the devastation down in them and allow for you to capture land with good economy. Once you finish this war, get claims on the people nearby you and fight your way into the De jure Tycoonship of Michigan or your nearby Rust Cultist holy sites.