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The Duchy of the Quad Cities is a small, two-county Grangelander Catholic duchy. It is a de-jure vassal of the Kingdom of Iowa, and a de-jure part of the Empire of the Heartland.

The Duchy of the Quad Cities is ruled by House Rodman. It is unlikely to accept Iowa's vassalization requests until Iowa has formed either the Grangelander Empire or the Empire of the Heartland, despite its cultural and religious similarities, due to the duke's rank.


The duchy borders Iowa to the west, and is in close proximity to a number of Norse and Rust Cultist nations to its east.


The Duchy of the Quad Cities consists of plains and farmland straddling the Mississippi River


Th Duchy of the Quad Cities is mentioned several times in the the primer Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain.

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