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The Duchy of Saint-Rivières is an independent country. It's considered a de jure part of the Kingdom of Côte-Nord and the Empire of Arctica.


Located on the north coast of St. Lawrence Estuary, Saint-Rivières is the southernmost region of Côte-Nord. It borders St. Lawrence Estuary to the south, the Duchy of Saguenay to the south-west, the Chiefdom of Manitou to the east, the Chiefdom of Manicougan and the Arctic Territory to the north, and the High Chiefdom of Eeyou Istchee to the west.


Saint-Rivières is a region of cold hills, where a few rivers flow from lakes up north into St. Lawrence Estuary. There is no location of interest in any county.

De jure provinces[]

  • Onatchiway;
  • Haute Côte-Nord;
  • Outardes;
  • Sept-Îles;
  • Manicougan (independent and ruled by Chief Mistapun Kwebek in 2666);


  • Count Everett Mistha-masseku of Saint-Îles;


Sept-Rivières, due to it's position, has received a strong influence from the countries of Quebec, followers of the Ursuline Church, which has become the majoritarian faith of all the inhabitants of the Duchy.

Since 2652, the Duchy is ruled by Duke Sunny Kitpoo. 45 years old, unmarried and with no heir, the Kitpoo line's survival is however in jeopardy.



  • The Duchy of Sept-Rivières is the only area of the Kingdom of Côte-Nord that follows a Christian faith;