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The Duchy of Montreal is an independent country in 2666. It's considered a de jure part of the Kingdom of Québec and the Empire of Canada.


Montréal was once one of the great city of Canada and as such always occupied an important role in the region. Since the Fall, the city is not what it was but it's still an important hub of trade. The duchy is in an advantageous position since the fall of the Castel dynasty as its neighbors are quite weak.


Located in the continent of North America, the Duchy borders to the east the Convent of Estrie, to the South the occultists tribes and the Hudsonian kingdom, to the West the Kingdom of Ontario and to the North the Quebecois counts.


The region is mostly plains and is cross by the Saint Lawrence river. The Hochelaga county is the most important region as it have 5 holdings at the start of the game and can have up to 7.

De jure provinces[]

  • As of 2666 the Duchy is ruled by Régis Turcot. The Duc control the counties of Hochelaga and Saint-François.
  • Some de jure provinces of the Duchy are not under the rule of the count at the start of the game. County of Matawinie under the rule of the independent Count Montcalm Dugas and the County of Kiryas Tosh under the Jewish count Meshulim Tosh.
  • The duc of Montréal have two vassals: the count Cécil Matieu-Gallant-Giguère of Montérégie, lord of Montérégie and Vaudreuil-Soulange and count Maurice Valeur of Lanaudière.

Not de jure provinces part of the Duchy in 2666[]

  • The County of Saint-François is under the rule of Count Régis Turcot since the foundation of the Duchy in 2642. This land is normally a de jure part of the Convent of Estrie.