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Dixie is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the South Anglo Culture group.


While many consider the Dixie to be simply the "less sophisticated" cousins to the Southrons, the truth is more complex than that, as the Dixie have a culture all their own. While the Confederacy is under Southron rule most of the time, the Dixie make up the majority of its population- while only northern Carolina is majority Southron, Dixie culture spreads from southern Carolina to the Ozarks, and most places in between.

Dixie Characters in 2666[]

  • Duke Jubal Blythe of Arkansas;
    • Count Corbin Dellarway of Millwood;
    • Prince-Bishop Philius of Crowley;
    • Count Walter Ezzard of Chicot;
  • Duke Walker Frymore of Augusta;
  • Captain Dolphus of the Brave Men of Atlanta;
  • Captain Mary Morheard of Nancy Hearts;
  • Duke Heron McGillin of Altamaha;
    • Count Fred Dunwoody of Golden Isles;
  • Duchess Justitia Hampton of Santee;
    • Count Templeton McGinnis of Wateree;
  • Count Cleavon Candler of Buttahatchee;
  • Count Jubal Angier of First Coast;
  • Count Alan Jackson of Chattahoochee;
  • Count Abe Kinstry of Athens;
  • Count Jed Starkville of Oktibbeha;
  • Count Jessie Garlington of Vicksburg;
  • Lord Mayor Joshua of Fort Smith;
  • Count Bubba Dunwoody of Dothan;
  • Count Samuel Hammond of Edisto;
  • Canon Tift of Blackshear;
  • Count Antipas Pratchet of Ocmulgee;
  • Lord Mayor Austin of Grand Strand;
  • Count Colquitt Rootes of Ochlockonee;
  • Canon Delmont Ninety-Six of Greenwood;
  • Count Harvey Troup of LaGrange;
  • Count Ricky Bobrell of Talladega;
  • Count Roscoe Phenix of Benning;
  • Count Seth Lore of Eufaula;

Dixie Titles[]


  • Holy Columbian Confederacy

Traditional Titles[]

  • Dixieland
  • Duchy of Augusta
  • Kiamichi

Culture Sprawl[]