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Hello again!

It seems only right for me to post the first official Dev Diary for the Fan Fork on this subreddit. I'll try to crank out a Dev Diary once a week or so, but I'm a college student so I may not have the time every single week.

So far, we've focused mostly on basic behind-the-scenes housekeeping and bugfixing. A lot of these changes are just simple quality-of-life improvements and behind-the-scenes fixes that probably won't interest you, but I'll post a few of them here regardless:

  • Added ability to restore the Pope/Abbess-General/Archbishop of Canterbury/Quorum of 12 to their respective seats of power, should they lose their land
  • Filled in a lot of empty counties with (mostly) randomly-generated rulers. (Might be a few easter eggs in here...)
  • Made the National Mall (Consumerist religious head title) creatable, changed Consumerist holy sites
  • Updated existing CBs to incorporate Jade Dragon updates.
  • Renamed High Church to Anglican
  • Added new descriptions to the bookmark screen/game over screen
  • Pacific invaders now actually invade again

I'm sure you get the idea. Now, here's what I'm sure you're actually interested in: the new features!

  • Added new Jade Dragon CBs! You can now unjustly conquer other counties, take entire de jure duchies in a single war, force vassalization, and so on. We've also re-enabled the Imperial Reconquest CB for those who form the Empire of the United States (Extra Empires submod)
  • Added the new Jade Dragon trade post system! We're still working out the balancing for this one, particularly in the Caribbean trade route, but you can now only build trade posts in certain counties along a trade route. To compensate for this, each individual trade post is now far more powerful.
  • Incorporated the Judaism Submod! That's right, Jews are now in AtE (at long last.) Jewish courtiers with high stats can now appear in the realms of certain rulers, you can now hire Jewish physicians, and you can even play as one of four new Jewish rulers along the East Coast! Yiddish and Neoladino cultures have also been added.
  • Added a new artifact that may be discovered by Catholic characters as they siege Washington...
  • Added a lot of historical characters to the histories of several titles. See if you can spot them all!
  • Added a bunch of new graphical cultures! Basically, randomly-generated characters can be something other than White, Brown, Black, Native, or Chinese. This means less triple chins and more new portraits!

And that's pretty much it for now. This post doesn't cover everything we've added, but, like I said, most people probably wouldn't be interested in such technical details.

Shout out to Dryhad, Scarlet0016, GSonderling, Crowley, PeterHobo1, Koraxtheghoul, CommissarKarkov, and everyone else that helped with the mod!

We expect to be ready for a public release in a few weeks, once we've implemented a couple more new features and ironed out any remaining bugs. (Notably, Chinese characters still use Mongol portraits...)

Thank you for reading the first After the End Fan Fork Dev Diary! See you again soon!

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