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Dellsman is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Ameronordic Culture group. It used to be a part of the Ameroduetsch culture group.


The area directly west of Lake Michigan is controlled by the largely tribal Dellsmans. The many small fiefdoms are all Norse and are the closest among the pagans towards a semblance of feudalism.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Dellsman culture has the Housecarl cultural retinue. It has 200 Heavy Infantry, and combat bonuses of Heavy Infantry Morale +20% and Heavy Infantry Attack +40%. It costs 600 retinue cap usage, monthly maintenance of 0.15, and a creation cost of 84.

Dellsman Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Melis Dachs of Badgerlings;
  • Jarl Paul Hedagling of The Northwoods;
  • Jarl Widukind Heileman of Chippewa;
  • Jarl Krullig Kleutsch of Green Bay;
  • Prophet-President Whichmann, head of the Strangite faith;
  • Chief Molkereik Husbil of Sheboygan;
  • Chief Rambert Abbrederis of Kickapoo;
  • Lady Mayor Gertrude of Milwaukee;
  • Chief Kasefred Ameche of Peshtigo;

Dellsman Titles[]


  • Dellsman Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Wisconsin
  • Coulee
  • Green Bay
  • The Badgerlings

Culture Sprawl[]