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Cubano is a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Caribeño Culture group.


The Cubano people, settled in the western and central parts of Cuba, have resisted invader after invader since ancient times, even breaking away from old America. However that resistance will be tested now that these independent people have fallen under the yoke of the Caribbean Empire. Cubano culture provinces are all Santeria and under the Caribbean Empire, though many of the local lords mutter that this is soon to change.

Cubano Characters in 2666[]

  • Marquis Arsenio de Mazariegos of Las Villas;
    • Earl Danilo Dacosta of Sancti Spiritus;
  • Lord Proprietor Vidal Castellanos of Miami;
  • Earl Castro Contreras of Artemisa;
  • Earl Pedro Cachao of Havana;
  • Earl Felipe Veguero of Pinar del Rio;

Cubano Titles[]


  • Cuban Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Cuba

Culture Sprawl[]