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Cristo Rey is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Cristeros are in reality Catholics who reject the authority of The Papacy in St. Louis, instead, they have elevated their own Prelado, or Prelate as a Steward of the Church. The faith and its heresy Reformista are largely inspired by the Cristero War, a widespread struggle in central and western Mexico in response to the imposition of secularist and anticlerical articles of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico, which were anti-Catholic measures aimed at imposing state atheism. The rebellion was instigated as a response to an executive decree by Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles to enforce Articles 3, 5, 24, 27, and 130 of the Constitution, a move known as the Calles Law. Calles sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations and to suppress popular religious celebrations in local communities. Cristo Rey is part of the Christian religious group.


"The Prelature of Cristo Rey, Christ the king, was organized to hold the splintering Church in Mexico together in the face of heathenry. In time, the Prelature filled the void of a strong church leadership and assumed de-facto control of the ordinal functions of the Catholic Church of Mexico, declaring the other Catholic successor churches heretical farces. In the absence of what they see as a legitimate Pope, the Cristeros have elevated their Prelado, or Prelate, to a position of steward of the church who assumes many of the sacred duties of the Pope." ― In-game description of Cristo Rey


  • High God: Dios
  • God Names: Jesucristo, Cristo Rey, la Virgencita and The Saints
  • Evil God Names: El Diablo and Lucifer
  • Scripture: The Bible


Thanks to the title history of the Mexican Empire we can determine that Cristo Rey was the main faith followed by the inhabitants of Mexico, which seems to have slowly evolved into the Sagrado Corazón faith. This transition seems to have ended when the Sagrado Corazón Wenceslao "El Tizon" Nájera assasinated the Cristero Benémerito Maximilliano II of Mexico. Today, the Cristo Rey faith is only practiced in the former Kingdom of Bajío, which after the death of Comisario Gerardo Cervantes, was divided between his three sons.

Holy Sites[]

  • Atemajac
  • Atenas
  • Escuhué
  • Fresnillo
  • México

As of 2666, only Atemajac and Atenas are held by Cristeros. Fresnillo is held by a Cristero vassal of a Sagrado Corazón character, While Escuhué and Mexico are held by Mitlantec and Sagrado Corazón characters respectively.

In-Game Features[]

  • Cristo Rey Bishops map pay tax to the Prelate rather than their secular liege
  • The Prelate may excommunicate Cristo Rey characters
  • The Prelate can grant divorces
  • Rulers can order adult unlanded courtiers to take the vows
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers
  • There is always a Prelate, landed or not
  • Can prepare campaigns known as Cristiadas against heathen religions within the de jure borders of the Empire of Mexico
  • May experience visions of the Blessed Virgin called Marian Apparitions
  • May expend Piety to raise units of zealots during a war.

As of 2666, Cristo Rey has 50.8 Moral Authority. A temple holder of the Cristo Rey faith is called an Abad.

Religious Head[]

Prelate CoA.png

The religious head of the Cristeros is the Prelate, or Prelado, of the Prelatura de Cristo Rey, who as of 2666 isn't landed. Interestingly it also serves as the faith´s holy order. As of 2666, the current Prelate is Nicolás.


Cristo Rey Characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Prefecto Melchor Cervantes of Bajio Occidente
    • Señor Filomeno Camarena of Tepatitlán
  • Prefecto Heraclio Minerva of Jalisco
  • Prefecto Baltasar Cervantes of Guanajato
    • Señor Abdiel Fuentes of Celaya
    • Señor Natanael Monjaras of Léon
  • Prefecto Gaspar Cervantes de Querétaro
    • Señor Manuel "The Tiger" Rivera of Sierra Gorda

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Abacondes José Luis of Fresnillo
  • Legatario Benjamín Aijel of Toluca
  • Alcandi Iási Pátzcuaro of Uaianarhio

Holy Order (And Religious Head)[]

  • Prelatura del Cristo Rey, led by Prelate Nicólas.


  • The name Cristo Rey, meaning "Christ the King" in English most likely comes from the warcry "¡Viva Cristo Rey! " used by Cristeros during the Cristero War.