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Creole is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Louisianais Culture group.


This unique composite descended from French, Afro-Carribean and Cajun cultures have formed a nation at the mouth of the Mississipi, ruling over the swampy flooded remains of New Orleans. They mostly follow the cult of Voodoo.

Creole Characters in 2666[]

  • Duke Pierre Vallencourt of Alexandria;
  • Lord Proprietor Samuel Edi of Orleans;
  • Captain Achille of Sons of Samedi;
  • Captain Maugris of Delta Blues;
  • Lord Mayor Lionell of Cypress;
  • Count Momus Grenouille of Catahoula;
  • Count Leon Penalver of Itta Homma;

Creole Titles[]


  • Creole Empire
  • Nouvelle-France

Traditional Titles[]

  • New Orleans

Culture Sprawl[]