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Cree is a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Plains Culture group.


The Cree are the original people of central Canada. Harsh conditions have forced some of them to take to nomadism, similar to their southerly Sioux neighbors, however they have an uncomfortable relationship with their neighboring Métis. They follow Peyotism and have brought the faith to their Métis neighbors.

Cree Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Rowtag Sakbwatsuk of Peck Lake;
    • Chief Mingan Sakbwatsuk of Bowdoin Valley;
    • Chief Chogan Sakbwatsuk of Garfield;
  • High Chief Mukki Shemaukau of Chouteau;
    • Chief Keme Shemaukau of Marias;
  • Chief Kitchi of Stampede;
  • Chief Kootomais Cipiwiniuuk of Banff;
  • Chief Powahque Mataitaikeok of Piapot;
  • Chief Pamoon Niopwatuk of Medicine Hat;
  • Chief Shepen Kiaskusis of Fallon Prairie;

Cree Titles[]


  • Cree Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Peck Lake
  • Kootenay

Culture Sprawl[]

Cree territories, including Kindersely and Fort Peck exclaves