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Costeño is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Costero Culture group.


Centered around the Great city of Cartagena, the Costeño people are spread along the Colombian Atlantic coast and along the Río Magdalena. With many Costeño falling under the domain of the Republic of Macondo, they have gained a reputation of being shrewd merchants and charismatic personalities, whether this is deserved or not.

Costeño Characters in 2666[]

  • Lord Proprietor Diego Armero of Cartagena
    • Lord Mayor Aníbal Barca of Atlantico
    • Lord Mayor Jhoan Sebastian Maestre of Sucre
    • Lord Mayor Ramon Pombo of Montería
  • Duke Juan Pablo Giron of Cesar
    • Countess Sara Ortiz Azpiroz of Magdalena Sur
    • Count Gustavo Zaa of Mompósina
  • Colonel Jaime Rooke of Legión de Albión
  • Captain Julian Andres of Cartagena Cartel

Costeño Titles[]


  • Costeño Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Caribe

Culture Sprawl[]