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Consumerist is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Consumerist is part of the Old World Cultist religious group.


"Consumerists believe that the Almighty Dollar struck down Old America because they did not honor it enough. They seek to forestall a second apocalypse by spending as much as possible." ― In-Game description of Consumerist


It is unclear when Consumerism originated, but it can be assumed it happened very close to 2666.

THE CONTENT OF THIS SECTION IS CONSIDERED SEMI-CANON, SINCE THE RISE OF CONSUMERISM DOES HAPPEN IN GAME, BUT THE RESULT CAN VARY The Consumerist High Chairman can appear randomly on the map within the USA and targeting anyone above duke rank some time after game start, leading a large Consumerist host, in attempt to carve his own kingdom. As such, the spread of Consumerism is directly related to the success of his conquest.

Consumerist Characters in 2666[]

There are no Consumerist Character in 2666.

Holy Sites[]

  • Manhattan
  • Minneapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Reno
  • Chicago

Marketing Campaign Targets/Core Regions[]


Ordered in decreasing importance

  • Kingdom of Socal - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Gotham - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Columbia - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Chicagoland - 500 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Deitscherei - 300 Crusade Weight
  • Kingdom of Superior - 300 Crusade Weight

In-Game Features[]

Weaker Consumerist rulers can prepare an invasion. Priests can marry, inherit titles, and women can own temple holdings. The Religious head is the High Chairman of National Mall, a secular ruler that can create and destroy the title as he sees fit. The High Chairman can grant divorces, invasions and claims.

Consumerist men can have up to three concubines.

As of 2666, Consumerism has 20.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Consumerist faith is called a Manager.


  • Consumerism is the only Old World Cult (aside from heresies) not present on the map at game start.