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Coloradan is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Rockland Culture group.


The natural barrier of the Rocky Mountains led to the emergence of the Coloradan culture spread across the Continental Divide. Almost all counties are tribal in nature, with the Catholic heresy of Neo-Gnosticism the common belief.

Coloradan Characters in 2666[]

  • High Chief Mineralis Haggott of Wyoming;
  • High Chief Bessemer Suaso of Pueblo;
    • Chief Barnum Meldrum of Huerfano;
    • Chief Tarryall Pitkin of Raton;
  • High Chief Bolder Flatiron of Boulder;
    • Chief Odell Poudre of Larimer;
  • High Chief Rockhart Nilsinenumine of Denver;
    • Chief Zebulon Kepner of Mineral Belt;
    • Chief Treyston Stotch of South Platte;
  • Captain Ossin of the Desperados;
  • Chief Herard Kunsmiller of Gunnison;
  • Chief Ossos Gessler of Mineral Belt;
  • Chieftess Jade Buchtel of Mesa Verde;

Coloradan Titles[]


  • Coloradan Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Colorado
  • Wyoming

Culture Sprawl[]